Product Description


While our country’s sons and daughters are away, they desperately need to know they are still connected back home. Through this book, I Want You to Know Me … Love, Your American Hero, every day mom and dad can see their hero’s hand-written words describing how he thinks, feels and looks. Yes, he has a cleft in his chin; it’s just like his grandfather’s. Mom and Dad can touch their hero’s heart from a distance.


The serviceperson’s children can glance through this book every night before they go to bed, looking at the picture posted in the front and remembering when their mommy was here to read them stories … “And they lived happily ever after.” They connect across the miles.

The American hero’s husband or wife can hold the dog-eared copy of their spouse’s book and picture the answers without opening the cover. Yes, he did a flip off the diving board, and we spent the night in the hospital repairing the damage. Their relationship grows stronger.

We feel I Want You to Know Me … Love, Your American Hero, is our most important book so far, because, in times of uncertainty, it is so important to bring a sense of peace to everyone touched by the lives of our American heroes: mom and dads, grandparents, spouses, children.

Give this book to your American hero. In fact, give extra copies, so others can gain a little peace—for themselves and for those at home.

Give this book to a U.S. Military Serviceman now, let our Heroes know we care.



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